Phinesse Black Mask

This intensive mask with a moist after-feel deep cleans the skin, ridding it of impurities and excess sebum. Purifies and soothes skin with unique properties of Silt - contains the highest quality earth clays to unclog pores and absorb excess oil. Leaves skin looking polished and smooth .Helps to noticeably refine the appearance of pores.
Before using PhiAcademy Black Mask, we recommend that you prepare your skin so that the mask’s effective ingredients can draw as many impurities out of the skin surface as possible, for the best possible results.Squeeze a large blob of PhiAcademy Black Mask onto the back of your hand and massage a thick, even layer into the skin. This helps the mask to work deeper into the pores, causing the active natural ingredients to have a ‘magnetic’ effect on the various bacteria, which are then pulled off when the mask is removed.Apply the mask to the T-zone (forehead, nose and chin) only, where you have blemishes, blackheads and clogged pores. Avoid applying the face mask to the delicate skin around the eyes, areas covered with hair and the cheeks if you have normal to dry skin. Leave the mask to work for 25–30 minutes until completely dry, and then pull it off.You are recommended to use the mask once or twice a week for the best and lasting results: cleaner, fresher and more radiant skin without blackheads.Please be aware that certain impurities can reach the surface of the skin a few days after using the mask for the first time. It is a positive result of the cleansing effect – and that is why it is important to use PhiAcademy Black Mask once or twice a week to remove current and future blackheads.
After using PhiAcademy Black Mask, you should use a mild skin toner that suits your skin type, to close the cleansed pores. This diminishes the risk of re-clogging. Then apply Jive or Tango (Jive for young and Tango for mature skin) for extra moisture.

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